Sth wrong about dustjs templates’ partial reference

i hope i got this part wrong, but according to explaining partial reference; it says for {>partial/} it references a template whose name is partial, it’s not a path expression whose evaluated value represents the template reference?

ok, let’s get away from it, that’s not the main concern, the actual concern is the syntax of partial in terms of the overriding part. the overriding section is a sibling or siblings to the partial, not a child or children! it means i must look ahead the siblings before execute the partial referenced template for replacements. but whether it must be immediate sibling? it never said anything. In fact, turning the overriding section to a child could not only help with the puzzle above, but also allow scoping or namespace in case you reference multiple templates who happen to define the same abstract sections.

apart from these 2 concerns i found above, dustjs template remains simple and fast, so i’m probably going to use less of the references, as i found this area not a safe land yet.


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