node-thesus vs node-inspector

So i’ve been using for a while, quite pleasant, and now there’s added, it seems my favorite debugging support for node.js has a little competition here.

But i soon realized some problems or limitations of thesus:

  • it needs node-thesus to run ur app, not node, expect some code change for ur app or testing to make it work
  • ok, this limitation could be solved, embedding node-thesus into some launcher, and take the argv, and start proper server seems doable
  • it needs to do code instrumentation
  • bad, this is ok when u start the debugging on some new process, not a running one, using ‘USR1’ signal node-inspector is cool with that. that practically limits ur capability of debugging a suspicious process as is.

Based on these, i see node-thesus possibly a better IDE debugging support (love its UI), while node-inspector still the battle field gear.


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