Akka & ZMQ

To begin with, akka-zmq has some serious problems:

  • Very high latency, your expectation for 100 micros is unreachable, simple REQ/REP could be over 100 millis!
  • ZMQ 2.x compatibility only, meaning 3.x is up in the air, though the scala binding does say to get there, no timeline!

To address both, I tried JeroMQ:

  • ZMQ 3.x compatible, ZMTP 2.0 based, most socket types supported, tcp, udp, inproc supported
  • native java implementation, no problem to run from within scala runtime
  • downside, 0.3.3 version in use, yet 1.0 release

And there’s few reasons why Akka & ZMQ couldn’t work now:



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